If you want to learn the second most spoken language in the world and become part of a community of more than 500 million speakers, it´s your time. Choose your course and start to learn Spanish language through lessons completely customized and adapted to your needs and goals. I help you to get it.



In these lessons, the student receives a teaching organized by levels according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and through a communicative and up-to-date methodology. Throughout the learning process, the student obtains the knowledge and strategies necessary to be able to engage in a Spanish-speaking environment. Each unit examines the vocabulary and grammar of each level within a specific theme of everyday life. These units are also accompanied by material with related cultural content and adapted to each level.


This course is aimed at students who want to improve their mastery of Spanish language and progress rapidly in an aspect or special theme you find more difficult. To do so, the student decides what to learn, practice or expand, and the teacher prepares a specific lesson tailored to the needs and specific objectives of the student.


In these lessons, the goal is to improve oral expression and the fluency of the student in the Spanish language. To achieve this, all kinds of thematic discussions will take place (culture, customs, festivals, history, traditions, politics, ecology, current news, technology, world of work…), through real resources (images, videos, texts…) organized in a session specially prepared for the student. Throughout the lesson, the teacher will correct the mistakes and clarify grammatical, phonetic or vocabulary doubts that may arise.

DELE exam

The DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) are the only officially accredited titles and are recognized internationally by private companies, Chambers of Commerce and public and private educational systems. Do you want to officially certify your level of Spanish language? I can help you to achive that. This course will help you to familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam (test, tasks, qualification criteria…) and to obtain the necessary strategies to pass the exam with success on any level you wish to obtain (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2).



Let´s start to learn Spanish language. Check the course that suits you best depending on your goals and motivations, make your decision and don´t hesitate, contact me to book your free trial lesson with no further commitment.


Do you have any questions? Here you have the most frequently asked questions about my lessons (FAQ). Do not stay with doubts, it is important you really find what you are looking for, I help you to do it. Check it out and, if you still need further information, just contact me and ask me any question you may have. It will be my pleasure to help you in anything you may need.
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The memory of a people is embodied in their language. Immerse yourself in the exciting and multicultural world of the Spanish language and share their memory.


1. Why online lessons?
Taking online lessons brings you the comfort to be able to learn anywhere you want, saving time and money on journeys, with a flexible schedule that will allow you to make it compatible with your daily responsabilities and have more time to do other activities that you like. In addition, the lessons are fully customized, tailored to your needs, level, interests and goals. Ultimately, you decide where, when and how to learn.

We live in the era of technology, which moves every day by leaps, providing us with a host of tools that make virtual learning become more interactive, flexible, dynamic, fun and efficient. Therefore, we can say that online teaching is no longer the future, but our present.

2. How do I book my free trial lesson?
After you choose the course that you want to perform (standard, tailored, conversation or DELE preparation), you complete the subscription form provided on the website and I will contact you through email to schedule a day and time that suits your availability to do your free and without commitment trial lesson.

Before the lesson, you will receive a personal questionnaire and a level test so I can know a little more about you and I can prepare a lesson completely adapted to your needs.

Once the session is completed, you decide if it is the kind of Spanish lesson you are looking for and, if so, we talk about the doubts you may have to specify the schedules of your future lessons and other details.

3. How do I know if your lessons are suitable for me?
You can only know if the lessons I offer are what you are looking for when you make your free and without commitment trial lesson. Apart from the quality of the lesson itself and the provided materials, it is especially important to see the chemistry that the student feels with regard to his/her teacher, we shouldn´t forget that, in the learning process, the brain needs to get excited, hence the importance of the affective component.

So that, for this learning to be 100% productive, you have to feel comfortable, being inside an agreeable and natural atmosphere, and you have to be with a teacher that transmits you entire confidence.

4. How are the lessons structured?
Lessons last 55 minutes and they are normally made through Skype, although we can use another platform at the request of the student. But, Why Skype? Because it is the most popular, easy to use and it is also free. Through this virtual platform we can have video calls in which we share documents, images, videos, audios, presentations and everything we may need to make our lessons more productive, interactive and fun.

Regardless of the course chosen, we work all the skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking and grammatical competence). You don´t need to purchase any manual or book for the lessons, all contents worked during the lesson, homework or any other type of material required by the student is provided through email. You will receive full support from your teacher throughout your learning process, being accompanied, guided and advised all the time and whenever you need it.

5. Do I have to use webcam during the lesson?
It is not obligatory, of course, and the student who does not want to use it will be fully respected, but it is highly advisable. As we said, the lessons are very personal and, if you want to have a more effective, close, nice and natural communication between student and teacher, it is better if we can face each other, also allowing the teaching-learning process to be more human for both sides.
6. Can I cancel a lesson?
Of course. You can cancel a lesson whenever you need it without any additional cost or loss of the lesson. Nevertheless, you must notify it with a minimum of 24 hours in advance via email. The student will recover that lesson at another time set with the teacher. The pack of purchased lessons have one year of expiration.

If you cancel with little time in advance or you do not attend the lesson, it will be deemed given and the amount will not be refunded, except under exceptional circumstances and for duly justified reasons.

7. What happens if I arrive late to a lesson?
The teacher will try to get in touch with the student and will wait up to 15 minutes. If past this time the student has not answered nor appeared, the lesson is considered cancelled and it will not be recovered in the future.
8. What happens if a lesson is interrupted due to technical problems?
If this happens, do not worry, the lesson will simply be postponed to another day and in another schedule agreed between the student and the teacher.
9. How do I pay the lessons?
The pack of lessons chosen will be paid via bank transfer. The teacher will provide the necessary data to carry out the above mentioned transfer via email.
10. How do discounts work?

The packs of lessons always receive a 10% discount when you are a new student and it is your first purchase.
This discount can be extended to future purchases if the student recommends the lessons to family and friends (that is, you will receive another 10% discount on your next pack of lessons purchase, if you recommend Talking Spanish Online to a friend or a relative and he/she enrolls).

11. Which time zone should I take into account to set the lessons?
The teacher lives in Spain, so the lessons fit to the Spanish hourly use. There are applications on Internet where you can consult the hourly areas and calculate the hourly difference between Spain and your country. For instance:



12. How long do I need to learn Spanish or to improve it?
Although it is a very frequent question, unfortunately I can not give an exact answer, because that progress depends on the student, his/her motivation, goals, level of commitment, the number of lessons taken per week, etc.

Remember that the learning process is not a mathematical question, each student has his/her own rhythm and must be fully respected. What I can assure is that, as a teacher, I am of the entire conviction that any person, regardless of their nationality, culture or age, can learn a second language. Don´t forget: “If you can dream it, you can do it”, don´t you ever let anything or anyone tell you otherwise, not even yourself. I help you to get it.

13. Do I get a certificate after the course?
Talking Spanish Online can not facilitate any diploma or official accreditation, since the lessons I offer are private and independent of any official institution. To receive an official certificate, you must obtain the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) from Instituto Cervantes (click here for further information). What I do offer is a course to help you prepare for the test you must do to obtain the above mentioned diploma.

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